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In April 2010 I picked up cycling again for the first time in a long time. This is where I'll describe where I've come from, where I'm going and along the way try to communicate why I've discovered a passion for cycling I haven't had since I was a kid.
~ Friday, March 18 ~

Mallorca - Ride 3

Today was awesome in a very different way to previous days. The sun shone all day and despite tired legs, the promised rest day was resisted. Instead we headed out to Punta Christo and the longer the ride went on the better I felt. The ride was through rolling countryside and although we hit a few too many major roads was very pleasurable and on the way out we had chance to do one or two fastish descents that were a lot of fun.

We stopped for leisurely lunch in Punta Christo, a lovely place, as evidenced by this photo taken from the bar we stopped in.

After lunch we headed back, this time into a light headwind. My first turn on the front for the day was unfortunately uphill and into the wind and not wanting to be seen to be shirking my responsibilities I pushed too hard and split the group whilst nearly killing myself in the process. A lesson learned there, if it’s hurting you then despite the wind it’s probably hurting those following.

After lunch was digested and the legs warmed up again there was a feeling of playfulness about the ride back. We had a short try at running a train, with riders taking short turns on the front then falling back to the rear to rest. The potential was demonstrated but the inexperience showed and eventually we ran out of clear road to continue the experiment.

The remainder of the ride was quick and there were several sessions of sprinting and joining onto the back of quicker groups and even the slower riders managed to surprise the frontrunners at times to the enjoyment of all.

The playfulness, constant quick accelerations and changes of pace, combined with the sun and scenery meant that the ride was really enjoyabl, pure cycling for cycling’s sake and a great day was had by all.

It being St Patrick’s day a few of us headed out to the bars this evening and I write this after a good number of pints of Guinness. My apologies for the qualtity of writing :-) Highlights of the evening were being entertained by ex-pro Steve Joghin’s tales of racing in Ireland in the 80’s and the inventive and comic modifications to the Guinness hats we obtained at the bar.

All in all a fantastic day.


  • 80 miles (furthest ride this year) in 4hs 57mins, 16.1mph, 2231kcal, 450m
  • 6 pints of Guinness, 2 silly hats
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