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In April 2010 I picked up cycling again for the first time in a long time. This is where I'll describe where I've come from, where I'm going and along the way try to communicate why I've discovered a passion for cycling I haven't had since I was a kid.
~ Sunday, April 3 ~

My first 100mile ride

Today marked a dual personal goal of a) riding a 100miles and b) riding one in less than 6hrs. Actually the ride turned out to be 106miles. the last six of which seemed to last forever which on fast fading legs was a bit soul destroying.

Great weather though (thankfully the wind wasn’t as strong as predicted,) a great route (which I mostly managed to follow) and a good personal result. Too tired to write much more right now. Hope to have recovered for the next century in two weeks time :-)

In other news I also passed 2000 miles for the year, not bad for me in just over three months!

Need to set some other goals for the year now. Need to think about that though.


  • 107.1 miles in 6hs 0mins 14secs, 17.8mph (5hrs 36mins & 17.9mph for the 100miles), 5014kcal, 1162m. 1 stop of about 4.5mins which isn’t included in the figures.
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~ Monday, February 14 ~

2011 Plans

My current cycling plans for 2011 are as follows:

31st January – Rochdale 66miles@12.8mph  : As the average speed indicates this was bloody hilly. I was woefully underprepared having had three weeks off due to the weather and minor illness so it was no real surprise that I suffered enormously and blew up about 10miles from the finish. I practically crawled back to the start. Still, it was a great experience looking back at least. Incredible climbs, proper countryside with hills worthy of the name and some awesome high-speed descents make it all seem worthwhile. Also on the plus side - the effort had a huge training effect and all hills in my local area now just look like mole hills. Long may the effect last :-)

12th February – Colchester 60 miles : 18.4mph : A small local sportive arranged by Amis Velo near Colchester which I did along with a mate, Steve, from the cycling club. This was the first time I’d done an event that sent people out in groups corresponding to average speed and this worked really well.  The 30ish strong peloton stuck together for the first 30-35miles with a higher than expected speed. The group eventually split and Steve and I worked hard to bridge up to the lead group. Their pace was just slightly too high for me though and I was having to work hard not particularly to maintain the speed but to accelerate and catch up after junctions, tight corners and inevitably the rolling countryside. We decided to take a strategic break and fell back to the next group that caught up with us and we pushed back to the finish working as a group to finish with a respectable average speed. My highest average yet for that sort of distance.

14th -21st March – Mallorca : My wonderful and understanding wife gave me OK to take a week out in Mallorca on a cycling training camp. So with flights and hire bike booked I’m looking forward to going out and getting in some quality miles with good weather. This will hopefully prepare me for:

3rd April  - St Ives : The Richardson Rumble 100miles will be my first Century ride. Not too hilly but it will be the longest I’ve spent on the bike and I’ll need to start building up to that fairly rapidly to get my back, shoulders and bum used to it. 

16th April – Oakham : The Discover Rutland CiCLE Tour. Another century ride only 2 weeks after the 1st. What was I thinking?

8th May – Suffolk : Suffolk Sunrise 100miles.

5th June – Sussex Surrey Scramble 91miles. Time for a rest which I’ll need for

26th  June – Peterbrough :   Flatout in the Fens 156miles. Unless I’m going well, really well, at this point in the season I’ll wimp out and do the 112mile version.

24th July – London to Cambridge : Current intention is to cycle down early in the morning and then cycle back at a more leisurely pace with some other friends.

21st August – Blenheim Palace : A big 100mile event. Looking forward to the spectacle as much as the ride. Might even get a chance to ride with my 5 year old round the family course.

11th September – Grafham Water : 100mile sportive run at night. Get those lights charged.

25th September – Oakham : Not yet confirmed but this is another Wiggle organised 100mile event.

That’s all I have planned so far, I’m sure there’ll be something in October at least :-)

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